Monday, March 12, 2007

Monday QOTD

This comes from this site

Do you have a recycling program where you live/work? Do you use it? What do you recycle? Is there anything you would like added to this program?

We have a recycling program. We can recycle plastic, paper, etc. It is pretty good & easy to do. My only problem with it is we are not allowed to recycle magazines & I get a lot. I think there are some drop offs for magazines & other paper products. I need to look into it. Recycling is very important, we really need to care about our environment. I know people do not think that the little bit they do matters. You should always leave the earth just a little bit nicer then when you came. If everyone did that, it would be quite a bit nicer! Take care & if you don't recycle, look into it!

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