Friday, June 29, 2007

Friday Fifteen #14

Friday Fifteen #14

My kids have been talking about collections today, rocks specifically. I have collected so many different things over the years, I thought I'd do my Friday 15 on some of the things I either collect or did collect :)

1. Vogue Ginny Dolls (My name is Ginny, will probably never stop collecting these)
2. Barbies/Skippers (Have been loving Barbie dolls since my first doll at around 3! I also collect these for my kids)
3. Dreamsicles (I'm not religious, but I have always like angels, Dreamsicles kind of spawned off that. I haven't bought any in a long time unless I find them for .99 or under at thrift stores)
4. Irish things (My mom was born in England & my grandparents in Ireland. I love the beautiful Irish items you can find!)
5. Stamps (I'm not a huge collector, but I do like to pick them up. It started when I wanted to get some sets for when my daughters were born)
6. Rocks (this was a childhood thing & it was mainly the gemstones)
7. Dolls (I'm a sucker for dolls, I do not limit myself to Barbie & Ginny dolls, lol)
8. Unicorns/Dragons (I don't have much because I have really watched myself, but I love all those pretty Unicorn & Dragon figurines that companies come out with)
9. Cat figurines (This is another one from my childhood)
10. Purses (hey I'm a girl right, lol!)
11. Ballet items (this one is for my girls)
12. Books (avid reader)
13. Promo cards (this started from when my hubby & I started selling non-sport trading cards on ebay back in 99)
14. Non-sport trading cards, sets & boxes (again same reason as above)
15. Scrapbook paper & embellishments (this is a problem I have & other scrapbookers know what I'm talking about!)

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