Wednesday, June 6, 2007

My baby Graduated Kindergarten

My little baby graduated Kindergarten yesterday :) It was so cute! They had the kindergarten sing 2 songs. Then when they called the name, the principal gave them a diploma. They did the ceremony really well. They actually stopped with each kid so parents could snap pictures. It was really nice! They even had blue little graduation hats. My oldest didn't get hats & it makes it so much cuter! My mom gave her glittery flowers & we got her a pink poodle graduation dog. After we had snacks in the room, took tons of photos & then the kids got to come home early. It was really nice! After she got to play at a friends house most of the afternoon. I was able to take Alli to dance by myself, so I got to enjoy a book! I was going to take her to check out a new dance studio yesterday, but we decided to take a look today with Cami as well.

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