Thursday, June 7, 2007

that’s my answer!

It occured to me yesterday morning that even though I am right handed I do everything on the left first. Left contact lense went in … this is when I had this thought … and sure enough, left trouser leg, left mule, left, left, left!

So, tell us about you? Left contact lense / trouser leg / sock / shoe first? Or right?

I am right handed. I almost always do my left eye first with contacts. I also usually take out my left contact first. I usually do my pants & socks left first. Shoes I think I do both equally. Never thought about it before, lol. Good fun question!

1 comment:

Le laquet said...

Ginny - I'm glad you enjoyed the question, after posting the question this morning I have watched myself very closely today even to the point of realising I wiggle my left ear more than my right ear :o)
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