Friday, June 29, 2007

TV This Week

There has been some decent shows this summer & a few more favorites about to start! This past week, I watched the 4400, Traveler, Kyle XY, So you think you can dance, Pirate Master, The Closer.

Upcoming shows are Eureka & Big Brother 8.

If you haven't watched Eureka yet, it is only Season 2 on Sci-Fi, so it would be easy to pick up. This show is great, even if you aren't into Sci-Fi!

I cannot wait for Big Brother to start up! This season looks really good, even with an Alice in Wonderland themed house. Too cool!

The 4400 just started recently. I have to admit, that first show had me a bit confused. I thought I missed a season for a second. I wish I could have seen the finale from last season before the new season started to refresh my memory.

Kyle XY is a cute show, very interesting.

So you think you can dance is a favorite. I started watching it last year & I think I liked that cast a bit better then this years. I don't have any real favorites yet. I was a bit annoyed about them letting Jesse go yesterday. She wasn't one of my favorites, but she did so much better then Anya. I like this show because I watch it with my girls. They love watching the dancing & just want to dance even more!

Pirate Master isn't as good as I thought it would be, it is an ok though. Interesting theme, I actually think a 2nd season would be even better because the players would already see what they did this season. I think it would get more interesting.

The Closer is a show that I like sometimes. The main character gets on my nerves, but it makes me laugh & has interesting story lines.

One show that i am so mad about getting canceled came on after the Closer last summer. I think it was called Saved & was about working on an Ambulance. The show was awesome!

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