Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Wednesday Mind Hump

Greetings, humpers! Today is Kitchen Klutzes Of America Day. That means we'll be talking about all the things that can go wrong in the good ol' kitchen.

1. Have you ever cut or burned yourself while cooking? Burned myself

2. Have you ever put in a wrong ingredient in a dish (sugar instead of salt, for example)? No

3. Have you ever dropped, or otherwise ruined, a dish just before serving it? Bonus points if you had a large number of people waiting to eat it. Yep!

4. In case you aren't a cook - Have you ever had a restaurant make a klutzy move that affected your meal? Tell us about it! Well I'm not a big cook, but I can't think of anything really bad happening while eating out. I guess one time at Applebees, we had a horrible waitress. Food took forever, she was real ditzy. She ended up giving us the wrong bill though & we saved a huge amt of money, LOL

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