Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Book Review ~ Lean Mean Thirteen

If you haven't read the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich then you are missing out! I have heard about this series for a few years now & I just gave into it the beginning of this year. There was no reason why I was putting it off to be honest. Last year I got caught up on Sue Grafton's series. I basically wasn't ready to take on another big series. I'm still trying to finish JD Robb's future series with Eve & I am finally caught up on the China Bayles series & the Scrapbook Series, etc. oh another silly reason. I actually own the first book in this series! I am always so busy getting books from the library & reading them before they are due back that I neglect the books I actually own, lol. So finally this year I started with the first one & couldn't put the series down. It is awesome! Not only are there excellant mysteries & crimes to solve, they are laugh out loud hilarious. I mean seriously I had a hard time reading these in public because I would burst out loud laughing. They are just too funny. They get better each book because the things just get funnier since it has been building up. Wonderful books! My all time favorite is book5, but this new book 13 really competes. I don't want to go into what the story is about. Just click the banner & see what the book is about. I just want to say it is an excellent read! Highly highly recommended! Seriously if you haven't started this series yet, Run do not walk to either your favorite bookstore or library! The library usually has several copies available of the first 10 or so books. You will also find them at garage sales usually. Go!!!!

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Lori - Queen of Dirty Laundry said...

Found your blog through the Dog Days Giveaway, and I just had to comment here. Sounds like you read exactly what I do! Love JD Robb/Eve Dallas, and the Susan Wittig Albert/China Bayles is one of my favorite series, too! I've read all of Janet Evanovich/Plum except this last one, and I think I'm up to date on the Grafton novels, too.

I haven't heard of the scrapbook series, though. Who's the author?

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