Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Book Review - Step on a Crack

I just finished Step on a Crack by James Patterson. The only books I have ever read by James Patterson were the Women's Murder Club {which I love}, so when I heard he had a new Series out I wanted to start reading it from the start. I actually read one of the Alex Cross books, but it was out of order & I didn't realize it. I hate reading out of order, so that full series is in my TBR file. Anyway, so I just got the book from the library. It is very good. One thing I have noticed about Patterson is he very easily kills of people. This book was very interesting, had a great plot, wonderful ending! It was also so very sad. The main character is married and has 10 foster kids. His wife is currently dying of cancer. OMG this book was just so sad. The character is very likable & the kids seem wonderful. It was actually a hard read for me, maybe because my grandparents both died of cancer & my mom has it as well. It is a very touching book though & if there are more in the series I will read them. If you click on the Amazon banner, you can get a full book description!

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