Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Cool Link ~ Eco-Calendars

Since I was little, I always felt the need to protect our environment. My causes were always Environment related or Animal Related. I was a member of Peta at a very young age, lol. I have to admit that I slacked some in past. I got married at 19 & had my first baby at 19. My early twenties were basically spent on learning how to be a wife & mom. I did continue to do my part with recycling, etc. I do have to admit in the Apartment years when I didn't have a water bill, I did get a bit lazy with turning off the water while brushing & very long showers, lol. Now that I am getting close to my thirties, I am back to doing everything I can. Thanks to Al Gore, people are finally taking a stand & doing something. There are so many great resources now to learn tips, ideas, etc, just in blogs alone! One thing that I am really trying to focus on right now is teaching my kids. My kids have learned nothing in school about ways to help the environment. I still remember being taught at school to turn off the water while brushing & going home & bugging my parents to do that, LOL. I was reading a blog today, Keetsa blog and they had a great link up for kids. Eco Kids has a great set of downloadable Eco-calendars! They are perfect for teachers or parents! The calendars are filled with environmental facts, dates, riddles and games for kids everyday! I'm printing July & August right now!

Here are a couple of other great blogs I check out:

No Impact Man
Green Beings

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