Sunday, July 15, 2007

Dinosaur CSI ~ Paleo Joe Books

I took the girls to see Paleo Joe at the library the other day for Dinosaur CSI. He is a paleontologist & was very interesting. The girls had a lot of fun & learned quite a bit about fossils & Dinosaurs. They ended up getting his first three chapter books in the Dinosaur Detective club books & they each got a patch. He autographed the three books, so they were excited about that. The books look very interesting!

PaleoJoe's Dinosaur Detective Club #1: The Disappearance of Dinosaur Sue (Paleojoe's Dinosaur Detective Club)
PaleoJoe's Dinosaur Detective Club #2: Stolen Stegosaurus (Paleojoe's Dinosaur Detective Club)PaleoJoe's Dinosaur Detective Club #3: Secret Sabertooth (Paleojoe's Dinosaur Detective Club)

At the beginning of the presentation, he read his other book.
Hidden Dinosaurs (Hidden)

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