Saturday, July 21, 2007

Free Silver Jewelry

I started buying from Silver Jewelry Club a few years ago. This company is wonderful! The main company is Peora, and they started this as a promotional way to get there sterling silver jewelry on the market. They have continued to keep it open though. All you pay is $5.99 shipping which is so worth it for the jewelry you get. I have ordered a ton of charms, earrings, bracelet and even a couple Silver necklaces. When you order a charm, you have the option of adding on the necklace. When I bought mine it was $3, but I believe it has went up since. They offer Sterling Silver jewelry, most pieces have real gemstones in them. I have also seem stainless steel jewelry from time to time usually geared towards men or teens. These make great presents too, even for younger kids & teens. They have made tons of great improvements to the site over the year. Including being able to choose from 4 items at a time, plus you have the option to view what is coming up. You get 15 minutes to order an item, or when it sells out. The jewelry comes within a few weeks in a pretty pouch. Click on the banner above & check out the site. Be careful it is addicting!

I'm not being paid to write this review, I just really like the company & thought I should share with my readers!

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