Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I won something :) & Tv died

Wow, I actually won something & it wasn't even apart of the crazy Dog Days of Summer giveaways. Trista over at The Pumpkin Patch was giving away some classic cartoons! I ended up winning 3, my kiddos are going to so excited! Thanks so much Trista. I sent ya an email but not sure I sent it to the right place (your profile kept coming up with an error on the email)

I almost forgot. Yesterday I went to watch Eureka & my the picture wouldn't show up. All I got was a stupid line & the sound. I am so ticked! We tossed it today & now I'm back to using my husbands lovely 19" that he got when he was a kid, LOL. I totally feel like a teenager watching it because that was the size of my tv when I was younger. Sad, sad, sad!!! I loved my big tv (which actually wasn't that big compared to most nowadays) I think it was a 32" & not that old either. Pretty sad that the 19" from high school days outlasted a newer 32" tv. Worst part is we have never actually purchased a tv. We have been married almost 10 years (in just a few weeks) & have managed to get by without that big purchase. Before we used ours from growing up & then when my grandma died a few years ago I got hers (the one that just kicked the bucket). Ugh, I'm so sad!!

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