Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Past Weekend

I had a nice weekend. My hubby had to work Saturday then he had to do some work on the roof. He ended up going out of town on Sunday to do another job. Not sure if he is coming back today or tomorrow. It will depend on how quick they get the job done. After he left on Sunday, me & the girls took a nice walk. It was the first time this summer that my oldest came with us. She is more concerned about playing with friends then family time already. What will happen when she is a teenager, LOL. On the walk, I asked if they wanted to go to the park. Of course they did. It ended up being hotter then we thought, so they went swimming first. Then we went to the city park & then we stopped at the school park. Had a really nice time!

The last few days I have been playing around with their hair. They had a lot of fun. We haven't done anything fun with the hair in quite awhile. I took some pics, will update this post later. I don't have them uploaded yet.

Yesterday Alyssa somehow tore apart her big toe going down the curb on her bike. The neighbor heard her scream & carried her into her house. Then she cleaned it up & put a thick bandage over it. I guess she ripped open her toe & pulled part of her nail off. I haven't seen it yet. She totally has been milking it, LOL. Of course once she decided she wanted to play today it was feeling better. When I asked her to do something though, her toe was throbbing. I love the way that she can play things to her benefit. She has always been a good manipulator. Drives me nuts! She was supposed to practice for her competition team tonight & tomorrow. I'm trying to convince her to still go anyways. She wants to start pre-pointe this year & I tried explaining she needs to get used to having bloody toes if she wants to be a pointe dancer! I think we are going to go up there & she will at least watch. Today's class they actually work on the competition number. Tomorrow is just an added ballet tech class. Hopefully she will at least be able to do the ballet tech tomorrow. Today is jazz, so a bit harder on the feet.

Ok off to get some work done. Will upload pics later. Oh & I joined a 30 day of blogging challenge yesterday. Check it out here.

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