Sunday, July 15, 2007

Smart Habit Saturday

This is my third week in participating with Lazy Organizer's Smart Habit Saturday. I've been doing ok. I have no expectations of actually mastering a habit in the first week. The first week, I wanted to add walking as a habit. It is mainly a way to relax a bit & get some exercise. I did great the first week. Last week I didn't do as well. The week started out VERY hot, so instead of walking I swam with the girls. I think this is equal in exercise for me, so I am counting it :) Last week, I wanted to add keeping the kitchen table clutter free. This one is very hard for me & I am continuing to work on it. I'm on my way of it becoming a habit though! This week I want to add something fun! I really want to spend more time with daughters playing. I do quite a bit with them already, but it usually isn't just play. I would really like to start a board game night or at least play some kind of board game/puzzle with them once a week & maybe up that in the winter.

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