Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Ten on Tuesday

Ten Countries I'd like to visit

This is a fun one! I wish I could travel :) The top 5 were very easy to pick, the last 5 I had to think about. Guess I know what countries I would go to for sure if I ever got the chance!

1. Ireland ~ my grandparents were born there
2. England ~ my mom was born there
3. France {Paris} ~ been a dream since I was young & used to be my top spot
4. Egypt ~ always has been a fascinating place to me
Australia ~ another place I have always wanted to go to
6. Sweden ~ not sure why, just like to
7. Greece ~ Greek mythology was always one of my favorite subjects & I had a lot of greek friends in school
8. Germany ~ husband has roots there
9. Japan ~ my brother has always been fascinated with it, like to go with him
10. Italy ~ it is just such a famous place, wouldn't want to miss out

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