Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Tiny Talk Tuesday

I thought this was such a cute idea, I wish I would have started this sooner when my kids were smaller. I thought I'd participate because yesterday my goofy 6 year said something that made me laugh & wanted to get recorded. First I'm a vegetarian, I became one in 7th grade around the time we were supposed to dissect frogs. Before that my parents were barely able to get meat into me & when I was very young they used to tell me it was fake & not really chicken, just to keep my weight up. However my husband & girls do eat meat. I figured it was my personal preference & I wouldn't push it on my kids, even though I do try to at least limit the red meat. Anyways, last night my husband & girls were eating hamburgers. My 6 year old is very open about eating meat, it doesn't gross her out at all & she has said several times I want some cow (which makes me feel a bit sick, lol).

Hubby & girls sitting at table.

C: Daddy, which part of the dead cow does this come from?
Dad: What?
C: The dead cow, which part makes hamburger?
Dad: Ok that is enough you are going to make yourself sick (I guess he is used to me, lol)
C: No I won't, it doesn't bother me.

A few moments pass.

C: Lifting one hamburger bun, says "do you know what is between us?" to the bottom part of the hamburger bun. The bottom hamburger bun then says "Yeah a dead cow"

Where oh wear did I get this child from???

Check out more tiny talk, here.


Amanda said...

omg, that is so funny. children say the funniest things!! can I do copy you on this idea? I'll post that I got "tiny tlak" from you with a link to your blog.

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Thanks for participating! That was SO FUNNY! My sisters a vegetarian - I'll have to send her this. I laughed out loud - I think you're raising a comedian there! Please come back next week for more!

shoeaddict said...

Oh that's funny! Thanks for coming over to my "Diary" and for entering my giveaway

Ginny said...

Thanks ladies, glad it made you laugh. I know I was laughing from the other room when I heard her. I don't know where she comes up with this stuff, lol. Thanks Mary for letting Amanda know about the MEME. I was a bit slow today :) I really enjoy it & will try to participate each week :)

Candace & Anna said...

Your daughter sounds like she would have been great on that show the used to have kids say the darndest things or whatever that was lol. Too cute!!!

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