Friday, July 20, 2007

Took a bit of a break, Updates

Yesterday I barely had my computer on yesterday. Turned it on to check ebay & a few other things. Today Cam had a check up with her asthma doctor, so I kept the pc off till this afternoon. I already feel behind. My emails are overflowing & my blog reader, oh my! LOL. I had to take a few minutes to check up the updates on BB8 :) I'm about to go organize some things in the house. My oldest dd room is a mess & it is partly my fault. I stored the school supplies in her room & I decided to see what I have. I ended up pulling all kinds of things out to organize better & now her room is trashed, oops. Does anyone else do that? Try to clean or organize & just make it worse? I do that all the time with my kids toys & then the kitchen cabinets. Oh well, off to clean. Hope everyone is enjoying the day!

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