Thursday, August 2, 2007

What Being a WAHM Means to Me

Moms in Business is doing a blog carnival on August 2nd on the topic: What being a WAHM means to me. Well first and most important, it means that I can stay home with my girls. Before even becoming pregnant, I told my husband if we have kids, I want to be a stay at home mom. My oldest daughter will be 10 in less then 2 months. Out of that time, I worked for about 3.5 years at CVS in the pharmacy. I actually really enjoyed my job, but picking her up usually around 6pm every night got very tiring.

After I had my second daughter, daycare wasn't an option because of cost. My mom who was trying to babysit became too ill. I ended up quitting my job and staying home. That was in January 2002. Luckily I had started selling on eBay back in April of 2000, so I had a way to help with the income. eBay has really helped with that even though it is very hit or miss. I find my sales usually do good in the Spring, Fall & then right before Christmas. The down months are quite a struggle for us. We keep pushing at it though because I think it is very important to be home with my kids. Now I am not putting down Mothers that work outside the home by any means. I did it for almost 4 years with only 1 kid & it was hard. Of course being a stay at home mom is very hard at times too. Sometimes I do miss the interaction with other adults that is actually in person. I have made tons of great online friends between networking with other WAHM's and then of course Scrapbooking groups.

Some of the benefits of staying home and working are that I get to be very involved with my kids. I can decide what time I am working, I can plan it around their schedules. I still make a small income to help pay for the kids dance classes and extras we may need. A few other reasons being a WAHM is important to me is, I am available for my kids when they need help with homework, we can do spur of the moment things like go to the park, etc. I can volunteer at school, I can take them to the dance classes they want. I can do all those things because I set my own schedule. I work when I need to. I can work late at night, early in the morning, during school, etc. Luckily this has worked for us. Working from home is very hard to do. The pay usually isn't the greatest, you usually don't get a weekly paycheck, sometimes there is no money coming in. You have to be very dedicated. Sometimes you are working late at night because the kids didn't cooperate with your day schedule. For me it is worth it though, to be home with girls!

Will I ever go back to work? Yeah probably, but if all goes well it will be after my kids are grown.


Anonymous said...

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Hannah said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog! I came over to check yours out, and find this post ... I'm a WAHM too and I love it! ;-)


Suzanne Wells, eBay Power Seller said...

Hi, Ginny. Thanks for participating in our blog carnival and for sharing your story. Be sure to drop by tomorrow and check out what the other moms have to say!


judithb said...

Hey, I enjoyed your post! I like the me time when the kids are in bed. That's when I do my best work and advertising! Hang in there! Kudos to us all!

Nancy said...

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