Monday, August 6, 2007

100 Things about me

1. I've lived in Michigan all my life
2. I've lived basically in the same area of Michigan all my life
3. I got married when I was 19
4. I've been married for 10 years
5. I have 2 absolutely beautiful daughters!
6. I work very hard at home business to keep my daughters in dance
7. I'm an Atheist & proud of it
8. Crazy, I have very high morals! ( I know totally shocking isn't it? )
9. I almost died with my first pregnancy
10. Both my babies were preemies, my body was not meant to have kids!
11. I am a scrapbooker
12. I'm an avid reader
13. I love photography & have since I was young
14. I'm not that creative
15. I love looking at art
16. I'm an animal activist
17. I've been a vegetarian since I was in 7th grade
18. I was a member of PETA in high school
19. I'm not any more because all my money goes to my kids, lol
20. I've been going online for 12 years (since I was 17)
21. When I was 17 I thought it was SO boring
22. I love doing surveys & love even more when you can get paid for them
23. I'm a tv junkie
24. I've always been under weight
25. I have a fear of aging thanks to my mom
29. I'm shy
30. My kids have helped me deal with a lot of shyness
31. I love entering contests
32. I can roll my tongue
33. I usually sleep on my stomach & wake up with a sore neck
34. I walk fast & have to watch that I am not walking away from my group
35. My shoe size was 7.5 in high school & shrunk to size 7 after I had my first daughter
36. If a song I like is on the radio I have to watch that I'm not speeding
37. I had the Chicken pox in 1st grade but only got 16 spots
38. I also had Scarlet fever at the same time
39. I've had allergies all my life, my seasonal are year round, lol
40. I have some kind of headache every day & have been like that for as long as I can remember
41. My mom lied to my high school about a heart condition that I have to get me out of gym (I do have the condition, it just wasn't as bad as we made it)
42. I played the flute in middle school to get out of gym
43. I love the beach
44. I hate cooking & sometimes go without eating meals just to avoid it
45. I wanted to be a Criminal Profiler
46. Or a Psychiatrist/Psychologist
47. Instead I went to manicuring school, LOL
48. I still pay for my license every other year & have never gotten a job doing nails (so not me)
49. My favorite video game is Herzog Zwei for Genesis
50. Me & my dad would play it for hours at a time fighting wars with each other when I was younger
51. My middle name is after my grandma
52. I have one brother, 5 years younger then me
53. I remember my dad reading & singing to me when I was little but not my mom
54. She gets quite upset over that since she feels she totally devoted her life to me when I was little
55. I can't whistle
56. I'm a Pisces Aquarius Cusp (nothing can ever be simple for me I swear)
57. I live in jeans
58. My favorite color is yellow
59. I used to despise pink until I had Aly, know it is a very close 2nd to yellow
60. I have only been on a plane once when I was 5
61. I collect Vogue Ginny Dolls
62. I also collect Barbies which I'm really trying to break
63. I went to a Brownie meeting once & couldn't stand that they all held hands to sing & refused to go back
64. Ginny is my nickname, I hate my real name (no, it's not Virginia)
65. I love Chocolate!
66. I used to work as a pharmacy technician at CVS
67. I was the youngest promoted into management at my 1st job at the mall (I was 17 when promoted)
68. I got my first credit card at Sears when I was 17
69. At one point I worked 3 jobs in high school because I loved shopping
70. I was supposed to go to Central Michigan University but chickened out
71. I've had the same stupid car for 10 years
72. I don't wear lipstick
73. I hate leaving the house with no makeup
74. Love mascara, couldn't live without it
75. My biggest splurge is my facial cleanser & moisturizer
76. I love purses
77. My favorite tv show is Charmed & I miss it!
78. I love roller coasters especially in the front seat
79. My favorite number is 2
80. I hate coffee
81. I love tea (my English roots)
82. I don't care for kids
83. I once worked in a day care, but quit after I got pregnant, lol
84. My favorite age is 3 & 4 in kids
85. I'm a cat person
86. My favorite drink is Coke with Sweet tea coming in a very close 2nd
87. I'm not a big alcohol drinker
88. If I do drink I like Sea Breeze or almost any frozen drink
89. My favorite food is pizz
90. I love cheese, salt & cinnamon bagels
91. My favorite thing from Coney Island is grilled bagel & hash browns
92. I got my drivers license on my 16th bday
93. My first car was a 89 Daytona Turbo & I loved it till some idiot ran a red light & totaled it
94. I got my first cel phone when I was 16, my plan was for 15 minutes & cost over $35
95. It wasn't a big deal though cuz non of my friends had them yet (remember this was 13 years ago)
96. I listen to Rap music & have since 4th grade
97. My favorite season is fall (except MI has been having some crappy ones lately)
98. I want to move to a warmer state
99. I love Aly with all my heart
100. I love Cam with all my heart

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