Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Aly's Toe

Did I blog about what happened to my oldest daughters toe? Some boys were threatening to shoot her with a BB gun & she was riding her bike for her life. Two of them tried blocking her & the other girls & somehow she scraped up her toe really bad. It was bleeding all over & the entire thing is all tore up. It happened last Monday, I took her to the dr on Friday. They gave her antibiotic to take by mouth & cream. Our insurance wouldn't cover the cream & it was super expansive. So we just did the soaking like dr said & the oral meds. I had to take her back today to see if she needed x-rays. The dr was trying to avoid it, but she decided today to do them. I will find out tomorrow if it is broken. I saw the x-rays & to me it looked the same as her good foot. Hopefully I was looking at them correctly. I took a pic a few days ago, I will have to upload it when i get a chance tomorrow. It is NASTY!!! It is looking better though. Oh & today the dr rewrote the script & told me to try again. She said the pharmacy should be able to figure something covered. Well she must have wrote it for ointment today vs. cream because it was covered no problem. Isn't that silly?!?!

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