Sunday, August 26, 2007

Another teacher letter

Thankfully Aly got her teacher letter yesterday. Hers came in a big manila envelope, while everyone else came in #10. She was freaking out, lol. Her 5th grade teacher ended up putting a letter in it welcoming her to 5th grade & a list of supplies that we could opt in to buying. The school isn't allowed to ask for supplies, they must provide them. The teachers have to put it like a donation to your child. She got the teacher she really wanted, so I'm happy for her! She rushed to call her boyfriend & he is in another class. She was so bummed out. They have been in the same grade the last 2 years & are like best friends. They started calling each other girlfriend & boyfriend about half way through school last year. I think it might be good that they aren't in class together, but I know she really enjoyed talking to him. He was also a distraction & all the girls fought over him last year. She had lots of problems with the girls being mean to her because this boy liked her the best. Crazy huh, I never expected that kind of drama in 4th grade!!!

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