Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Big Brother After Dark

I'm getting addicted to Big Brother after dark, lol. I won't pay to see the feeds, so this is fun to see. I cannot believe the amount of fighting on this season. I'm bummed about Eric getting put up. Too be honest, when I first saw him I didn't think I'd like him. I've seen some of the BB8 blogs mention his eyebrows & I think that was my initial dislike. I really feel for him though being America's player. I don't like this twist at all, I think it is very unfair to put a player in that position. I know watchers don't care much for it & are making really stupid votes in my opinion. Oh well, it is a game. I really can't figure out who will get to the final two. I don't really have a favorite either. I do really hope that Dick goes home soon, I'm so over him. He should have been put on the block just for what he has done to Jen.

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