Thursday, August 16, 2007

Ebay listing till 3am!

Well the ebay sale is officially over. The very last auction I did, just missed the free listing day. I cannot believe I listed auctions till 3 am. I am SO tired. This week I have been getting to bed before midnight & waking up around 9:30 which is early for me! Hopefully I can get to sleep now & I won't be too wired doing the auctions. I got a bunch of my size 4 & 5 girls clothes up. Hopefully they sell so I can get some more room in my house :) I still have a ton more, but I almost always start clothes at .99, so not a big deal I missed the sale on the rest of my stuff. I debated selling my Tupperware, but I think I'm going to wait more for the Christmas season. If you want, check out my auctions here. I wanted to get more scrapbook stuff up as well, just ran out of time. It was bad timing since Aly had competition practice. Plus I had to run to the store. I had a 50% off coupon on an apparel item that expired today. I found this adorable top for Aly. It was $14.99 & I had 50% off & $6 in bottle returns, so I only paid $1.94 for it (since I didn't pay for the bottle deposit originally, someone else did). I haven't given it to her yet, hopefully she likes it. I wasn't able to get anything for Cam in that shopping trip, so I didn't want to cause a fight. On top of the great deal, I got another 50% off coupon from that same transaction, lol. Now I can go back for Cam :) Ok off to bed, I am SO tired!

BTW, anyone watch the showtime feeds for Big Brother? I put them on since I was working anyway. It is so annoying when they just cut out at 3am. Someone will be in the middle of a sentence & poof it is gone. I've never watched feeds before, they can get addicting. I'm glad I won't consider paying for them 24/7 I don't think i'd leave the house. I don't even care much for this group of hamsters, I just can't tear myself away, lol

Ok seriously, off the computer now. Must get some sleep!!!

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