Friday, August 24, 2007

Finding out teachers

Today all the kids got their letters from school with teachers & bus stops. Well everyone accept my oldest. She was so bummed out! My youngest has a teacher none of the kids have heard of. Hopefully she will be ok. Can't even figure out how to pronounce her name, lol. I wonder if she is new or newly married, hmmm. I am unhappy with the bus stop. It is a bit farther down then usual & I cannot stand the boy or the parents at the house. Hopefully things go ok. We had major bus stop problems last year & a big part of it was this boy. I ended up getting transportation to let me keep the kids in our driveway & cross over after the bus stops. This year will be tougher since it is down farther as well. It is so cold here in the winter, this will be a big pain! Oh well, at least it isn't at my house & I have to deal with all the kids fighting. Hopefully Aly's teacher announcement will come tomorrow. She had a tough year last year & we are really hoping for a certain teacher.

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