Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Fundraisers & Dance

Today Aly had another day of dance. She actually pulled through & did 2 hours of ballet technique with her messed up toe. I'm proud of her! I had to bribe her with a bowl of ice cream though We had our parents meeting to discuss the dreaded FRUNDRAISERS!!!! They actually have some pretty cool ones that are strictly for the competition team. We are going to raffle off an American Girl doll with a dance outfit & a Nintendo DS with a game. Then we are going to raffle off a Christmas tree filled with gift cards. We have to donate a $25 gc to participate plus sell tickets. They will end up being raffled off at some kind of Christmas party that the owner is planning. It works out nice because if you win that is basically your Christmas shopping! The biggest downside is we have to sell a certain number outside of the studio. Hopefully it won't be too high. Right now the girls are selling Candy bars for $1 & then pizza kits & that will go towards there regular classes. Cam wants 5 classes & Aly wants 8, but it might not work out since she also has a weekly competition class. She might end up only doing 6 or 7 + comp. We'll see, I'm still trying to work out the schedule. If we do the max, we will be there 5 days, ugh!!!

If you are in Michigan & your kids are interested in dance, give me a buzz. This dance studio has great prices & lots of great classes!

Feel free to help out :)

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