Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Going back to school

My kids go back Sept 4th which I thought was on the early side. I see a lot of bloggers mentioning kids going back this week & next. I know a lot are home schoolers & I do understand why they would start early, I would too. I am surprised at how much states vary. At some points I can't wait for them to go back, but I'm also enjoying the summer so much. I love fall but I HATE winter!!! Which comes way to soon in Michigan. I also love sleeping in & I dread the homework fight. Oh the joys of school.

Normally I go on a spending spree for the kids before school starts. Spending hundreds especially at JC Penney. My oldest needs slim & penney's is about the only store that I can find jeans to fit her. Plus I have a charge there, lol (one of the few I do have). I'm really trying to pay off our debt though, so I'm fighting my urge to spend on school clothes. Last week I was fixing my daughters closet & realized she has quite a bit of nice shirts that will work great for beginning of school. I've been talking to the kids about going clothes shopping AFTER school starts. At first they were a bit bummed, but I think they are coming around. My grandma has already offered to take them back to school shopping. I told them we will make sure to get the first day of school outfit then. I've already hit some back to school sales for supplies & I think I'm ok. The biggest thing we need right now is back packs. We have tons of lunch boxes & the kids usually eat at school anyway. I think last year my youngest used her lunch bag about 10 times at the most. I'm so over spending money on things that we think we need. I really need to get out of that mind set.

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