Sunday, August 5, 2007

Grocery shopping, Target, etc

I honestly have nothing to blog about, but I am doing that 30 day challenge, so had to post, LOL. I slept in late, so it was a good thing that wasn't my new habit, he he. About the only thing I did was go grocery shopping. I also got a free $5 gift card from Target. They sent some catalog about decorating dorm rooms. I almost didn't look at it. I finally opened it about a week after receiving & there was a free $5 gift card inside. The concept is actually pretty cool. There is the gift card & then a matching key chain card. The parents give the key chain to the college kid & then can reload the card for their kids away at college. Very neat idea!

I'm watching that new show Two Corey's on A & E. How funny. I absolutely LOVED Corey Haim when I was younger, seriously I was obsessed with him. I even still buy the movies when they come on DVD. I recently bought Dream a Little Dream from Amazon that is my all time favorite movie. I could go on & on. The show is pretty depressing though. Haim is living at Feldman's house with his new wife. His house is actually beautiful & he seems to be doing pretty well. They both went through quite a lot after falling out of the movie scene. Haim didn't fair as well which makes me sad. Looks like he is trying to get his life back together though, he lost all that weight he gained which makes him look closer to his old adorable self. I do feel bad though. Being a celebrity is something I would never want to be. I'm happy with my low profile life, being a mom!!! Next episode he does speed dating, oh geez :)

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