Monday, August 27, 2007

I worked my butt off today

I did So much work today it isn't even funny. We did a bunch of furniture re-arranging trying to get things better organized for the new school year. I had a list of things that needed to get done & we finally tackled most of it today. We got rid of a couch, had someone from craigslist pick it up. That is part of why it took so long to get these things done. I need my hubby's help & that usually takes some time, LOL. He is usually either working or feeling sick {so frustrating} I finally talked him into the big jobs today. His partner is screwing him over so he didn't end up working yesterday or today. After all that work, my house is in shambles though. Figures, my luck, lol. I have a lot of work to do this week. Tuesday that pink thing I ordered my youngest should be here via fed ex. I have been going nuts to get it, I cannot wait to get some order in her room. Her dresser thing just has not been cutting it. She hasn't had her clothes on hangers in like 2 years, so this will be such a nice change for her. She might actually get to wear all her cute clothes, instead of the items that happen to be on top. Don't you hate that about dressers? You end up losing things because they are at the bottom & you forget you own them. Hard when for kids when they are only in clothes approx 1 year. I've been a little lucky with Cam though, she can usually pull 2 years out of her clothes.

Since I got such a workout today ie: moving a couch from the back of the house to the backyard through the fence to the driveway, I am feeling wide awake. All the lifting is causing my legs to feel like I walked on a stair master for hours. Thinking about my huge to do list, also isn't helping my sleeping. I honestly do not know how i am going to get back on track for school next week, ugh! At least once I have to start getting them up, I will get back on track quick :)

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