Monday, August 27, 2007

ING Direct Open Account & Get $25 Free

I've been with ING direct since 2001 & I love them! They have great interest rates, very easy to use website & just all around a great bank. You can open a savings account with as little as a $1. They have money markets with no minimum. Back in 2001, I opened a money market account for both my daughters for only $100. What bank allows that? Now they have electric orange which is a paperless checking account. It is really cool, no paper checks to worry about. You can pay bills electronically or have ING mail a paper check for you. That means no cost in envelopes, checks or even stamps. They also have a great line of overdraft protection. If you need to use it, they just charge 12% interest on it. Really cool!

Right now if I refer you, and you start the account with at least $250 you will earn $25 bonus & I will get $10. Email me if you are interested & specify if you want ING Savings or Electric Orange (checking).

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