Monday, August 27, 2007

My Little Pony

I took the girls to a garage sale a week or two ago. The very first one we hit, they had a table of my little pony's. Cam (my youngest) loves them. She would not leave the table, lol. The lady was selling the big ones for $2 & the small ones for $1. Now this is an awesome price, but I only had $15 cash on me & $5 of that was Cam's. She kept picking them & I kept saying hold on let me look around & decide. My main objective was buying to sell, so I hated to waste my cash on more junk in the house. The lady ended up telling her she could get a big one for 1.50. Cam had 5 little ones picked out & then 1 big one (Mom the ponies need a mom). The lady told her she could put back one little one & get the rest for $5. This is after my little precious blond headed girl showed her the $5 cash & told her it was her own money, LOL. That is one thing I love about bringing her to garage sales, she never leaves without a deal :) Anyways, I saw a boy pony with a firefighter hat on. I thought, hmmm that might sell on ebay. I asked her how much to add this pony & she said $1.50. I handed her $1 & went to put my purse down to get .50. The lady turned around & gave me .50. I was like COOL !!! I ended up selling it on ebay, Chief sold for just over $30, YEAH!!!

Did you know it is My little ponies, 25th anniversary. Back in 1983, this was my new favorite toy! I had tons of them including the stable, ballet studio, nursery .... I loved them. I saw at Kmart that they have special 1983 ponies remade. It was so hard not to buy it, lol. I do have a few of my originals. My stable & ballet studio could possibly be in my parents attic. I need to do some research on how to clean them. The ones on ebay are so nice & clean with curled hair, etc.
That same day, I found 2 1960's Dolly Darling dolls. One of them is currently up on ebay for $50 !!! Mine is really dirty though, have to see if I can clean her up. I also got one of the misfits from Jem (not in original clothes) & a bunch of barbie food & kitchen items.

I love garage sales & have barely been able to go to any this year. Oh well, always next year & there should be some in September still.

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Anonymous said...

I love garage and yard sales. I hit the 127 Yardsale this year... world's longest yardsale.

You can read my posts here.

Yard Sale posts - 3 of them

PS... we have the same blog design. LOL! :)

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