Monday, August 20, 2007

New School Clothes

I only ended up getting 2 pics each of the girls new school clothes. They wanted to go back out & play. We went on Friday with my grandma. She took them to Macy's & JC Penney's. Macy's they were only allowed 1 outfit & Aly needs slim so she just got a top. Cam picked this cute outfit out at Macy's. It has the pink tank top & the gray & pink sweater over it with matching gray gouchos. If you didn't know Gray is supposed to be a big color this season :)
This top for Aly is from Penney's. It is her favorite. She loves the layered look. I had found the brown shorts at penney's the week before for only 5 bucks! She loves clothes like that & they work for the fall months of school, yeah!
This is Cam's favorite outfit from Penney's. This is so not her either, so I'm happy she is expanding her wardrobe. Before me & Aly were the fans of brown & we are FINALLY rubbing off on her. She fell in love with the top first. It is typical Cam pink but with brown polka dots. It was so cute watching her try & find a match. First she found some light pink jeans, that didn't look right. Then some denim jeans & she didn't like that either. I finally saw these & she fell in love. Cute!
Here is the last pic I got. The top is her 1 thing from Macy's. It is a cream tank with a really nice brown sweater over it. In the pic she paired it with a khaki skirt from penney's.

They got some other outfits & they each got a pair of tennis shoes. Cam got the cutest pair of sketchers & Aly got a really nice pair of Echo tennis shoes.

Against my better judgment, I went back the next day & bought more clothes. My grandma didn't buy as much as we thought. I needed to pick up some sweats for Aly & some missing pieces to a dance outfit. I only ended up buying Cam an extra pair of brown leggings that we got for $3.99 which was way clearanced down. I'm saving some of the stuff for Aly's birthday next month though. Plus I won a $250 Gymboree gift card, so when that comes in I'm gonna spend it on Cam. Aly never has been a Gymboree girl, she prefers the Bratz look, LOL.

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K :) Family Historian said...

oh how cool that you won the Gymboree card. Thanks for checking out my blog. Enjoying yours.

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