Friday, August 17, 2007

So you think you can dance winner

Well Sabra wasn't my pick, but I am SO happy a woman finally won the show. My top pick was Sara, loved her! Once she was out my top favorite was Neal, then Danny & then Lacey. I didn't vote on the last night because I would have voted for Neal & like I said I didn't want a man to win again. I know silly, I just really wanted a girl to pull it off. I think it is hard because man are just so much stronger & they can get those jumps up so high. Neal & Danny were just amazing at their abilities. I do think Sabra is an amazing dancer though & I am very happy she won. She is adorable & really filled the stage. What was even more amazing is she has only been dancing for 4 years. I hope all the dancers find something out of this & have amazing careers!

I was happy to see quite a few of them come back & choreograph a number. 2 of last years dancers even had their dance picked as one to watch on the finale. Too cool!

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