Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Earth if flat

Wow, I seriously am clueless. I did not know that there are people out there that think the earth is flat. I found this out totally on accident just a bit ago & I am close to tears. I have been upset for awhile at the ignorance I have been seeing in America lately. This just really is over the top for me. There is an entire forum for people that believe the earth is flat. I thought it was a joke, but in the FAQ's section, they say it is not. I guess they believe it is all a big cover up. I sure hope that this is joke! I originally found the link by reading about the new View co-host not believing in evolution & not knowing if the earth was flat or not. My mouth just dropped. Then she said if her son asks her, she will take him to the library. WTF?!? And I love how she said she worries more about her son eating. If her son was an adult, maybe I'd by that, but he is 2. She has been an actress for how long? Don't tell me she struggles with how to pay for food for her child. * I * struggle with that & guess what I still find the time to educate myself. UGH this just SO irritates me! I have to admit I was not happy when the view cast Rosie O'Donnell, but they sure are going in the wrong direction with Sherri Shepherd! Oh & here is an interesting book, Earth not a Globe. With the way our world is going, when the creationists finally get their way & start teaching that work of fiction in our schools, I'm sure Earth Not a Globe will be the other textbook of choice. If that ever happens, I will be a homeschooling mom or grandma that is for sure! If you didn't see the brilliant clip from the view, check it out here. Another scary website, oh my!

Off to help my daughter with her science homework ...

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