Wednesday, September 5, 2007

eSign - sign mortgage documents electronically

Brought to you by Encomia

Encomia is a website that offers users three different ways to sign mortgage documents electronically. There are three different options to They offer a simple click to agree option that allows you to easily sign documents by clicking a simple agreement. Another option is the electronic signature pad. This is similar to the device used in most retail stores. The last option is the tablet pc. You can sign your name directly on your computer screen with a digital pen. The esign process allows you to save both time and money.

The website explains how each system works, the benefits of using it and the pricing. You can also view an easy to understand demo.

Did you know that an electronic signature is as safe and binding as paper documents. Encomia's software actually locks an encrypted digital stamp on each signature. They also have tamper seals to prevent any kind of alteration of the documents.

Encomia was founded in 1999. They are based in Houston, TX and work with many financial institutions from Fortune 500 to independant brokers.

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