Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Fall Dance starts today

Not only is today the first day of school, but Fall dance starts up today as well. Cam doesn't start till Thursday, but Aly starts today. We have a totally insane schedule that has me there Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday AND Saturday. Yes 5 days a week, OMG!

Cam is taking ballet, tap, jazz, pom & musical theatre

Aly is taking ballet, pre-pointe, lyrical, tap, jazz, hip-hop, pom, musical theatre. She also signed up for modern, but there is a good chance that will be delayed in starting (we find out today) & I think I am hoping it isn't starting yet! She also does her Jazz Competition every Saturday for hour and half.

If modern is a go, then Aly will be taking 10 classes. Crazy girl! Normally I don't allow her to quit classes, but if she decides it is to much, then I will let her quit certain classes. Ballet & lyrical are a definite though.

Cam is taking a lot this year as well at 5 classes. I tried talking her into just doing the pom which is also a jazz class, but she was dead set on taking all 5. Will see how she does. Last year she took 3 1/2 hour classes & then from Feb - July she also took an extra 1 hour long acrobat class. These classes only end up being about a half hour longer & she is a year older, so it will be interesting. She just goes 2 days, it's my crazy Aly that will be there all 5 days they are open.

We are going to a new studio that is awesome. I have to get myself a laptop, they have free internet connections. I keep hinting to my dad, but he isn't going for it, lol.

Oh & the best part, the studio has a cap of only $110 a month per kid. Can't beat that price. Competition will be $160 for classes & then comp fees which I think are going to scare me when they start rolling in!

* Oh & just in case people do read my blog, I'm not one of those crazy over scheduling moms. Both my girls are very active & go crazy if they don't have things to do. Aly started dancing right before she turned 4 & Cam started right after she turned 3. I let them decide what they want to take & I don't push them. Well except for ballet, * if * they dance, they have to take ballet. I had one of Aly's teachers criticize me for letting her take 3 classes in first grade & dance in a Nutcracker performance. She told me I had her in too much, that was during conference. When the 100 days of school came up, they did a little song for a teacher meeting. That teacher came & found me to tell me how wrong she was, Aly really shined on stage & that is what she was meant to do. Last year, Aly was a bit worn out & she cut down her classes from 6 to 3 & then added a 4th right after Christmas. She told me she wanted a little break & was going to go all out this year. The competition is the newest thing & I have a feeling it is going to be a bit too much & this will probably be her only year doing it. I think the experience will be good for her. Ok just wanted to add that, so I don't get any nasty comments

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