Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Fall TV shows

I love my prime time tv shows & am excited that they are all starting this week. Aly's dance has a lot of late nights, so I'm hoping that I can find my missed 8 o'clock shows online. Monday is one of our early night (7:15) & I usually don't care much for Monday tv. NBC really came through yesterday! I loved Chuck, Heroes was amazing & Journeyman was very interesting. Great job NBC, they will be rivaling some of my CBS favorites this year!

Tonight is Bones & House. I cannot wait for Bones, this is one of my favorite shows. I have been reading Kathy Reichs for awhile now & was so excited when this show came out. I have been really happy with the tv version vs. the book. I was always wondering when some of the books I read would come out on tv since special effects are so advanced now. I'm also excited to see James Patterson Women's Murder Club on ABC. I have to check the date though, I honestly haven't seen any publicity for it. I found out about it a few months ago because I get Patterson's emails. I hope it is as good as the book & make it with the competition!

Tonight is a hard choice though because Eureka is still on at 9 on Sci-fi. I will be watching that instead of House. Sorry House but I can't miss my Eureka!

Wednesday is a late night, she doesn't get done until 8:45. I will have to rush home to catch Criminal Minds at 9pm on CBS. This is another one of my top favorites. I wanted to be a profiler, so I just LOVE this show. I'm bummed about Mandy leaving, I hope the replacement makes the show as good. I believe tonights episode is one that was cut from last season because it mirrored the Virgina tech murders. I'm glad we get to see it especially since Mandy left, he was favorite character!

Thursday is another 8 o'clock night, I'm not sure what to do because I love Smallville on CW but I don't believe I can see those online. I'm going to be going through some Smallville withdraws, ugh! I will be home in time for CSI & Without a trace though.

Friday is a day off, so I can watch my shows. I really like Ghost Whisperer a lot, so am excited about that. I also like Numbers but it is one I don't mind if I miss. Usually by Friday I'm exhausted, so I go to bed at10, lol. The 9 slot is a new one & I'm not sure I have any interest in it. I guess I will give it a go unless I can find something else.

Saturday is nothing, I wish something could be on either local or cable. Sunday works good this year because my show is Desperate Housewives at 9. It was so hard when Charmed was on at 8 because that is the night we get ready for school & do bath/showers. I sure miss Charmed though! I also will be missing Crossing Jordan, I can't believe it is gone :(

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Debi said...

Wow...I didn't there was going to be a Womens Murder Club TV show! Definitely going to have to look for that one...I love the books!

And I'm with you...I'm really going to miss "Gideon".

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