Tuesday, September 4, 2007

It's Official - School has started

Well it's official, I have a 5th grader & a 1st grader. I was thinking about them being in school the other day & realized that if all goes well with my oldest, she will be graduating the year before my 20th reunion. If we don't move, it will be at the same high school! That seems crazy to me :)

I meant to get up at 7 today so I could shower before waking them, but I had a late night & didn't hear my alarm. Luckily I woke on my own at 7:30. I almost went back to bed too thinking I had more time, my alarm didn't go off yet, lol. Thankfully I realized what today was & woke up. I went to poor something to drink & Aly was already awake in bed. She got right up & got ready. Cam didn't go to bed until Midnight though, she was harder to get up. I finally got her up & started getting her dressed. Normally she dresses herself, but I knew she was tired.

Everything went really well. Cam's skirt was huge on her, so she ended up wearing some new shorts instead. She was going to wear her hair down, but decided she wanted two low pigtail braids instead. Which works for me because her long hair tangles so bad. I like to braid it the day after her bath & I will consider letting her wear it down on the days I know I'm giving her bath. Aly had me use a Triple Barrel Waver on her hair. My mom bought it & doesn't like it. It looks cute on her hair though, gives it a bit of crimped look but wavy.

I made the girls go to the end of the line at the bus stop so I could get them going on the bus. Aly was a bit embarrassed, but oh well. She will be in middle school next year, so this is most likely my last chance of getting that kind of pic. I'm a scrapbooker though, my kids are used to crazy mom & her camera :) Now if I can only get out of scrap rut with the kids back to school, all would be perfect!

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