Wednesday, September 5, 2007

School went well

What a long day, the kids bus finally dropped them off around 4:30, supposed to be home around 4:20 so it might get a few minutes better. The girls both had a great day. Aly is happy, she is the ruler of the school, lol. She got picked to help bring the kindergarten kids to the bus every day, so she is ecstatic. She loves her teacher, which is wonderful because we had a tough year last year. We wanted this teacher, so hopefully she will continue liking her :) They do a lot of fun activities, my biggest worry is that if homework is late it has to be turned in but counts as a 0. Aly is a bit on the flaky side, so I'm hoping this won't be a problem. Hopefully it will work out in her favor & she will be ready for middle school next year.

Cam really likes her teacher. She is new this year & this is her 2nd year teaching. She seems like she is going to do well. In the past I have preferred newer teachers because they seem excited about teaching, they have fresh ideas, new perspectives, etc. Aly had an older teacher in Kindergarten & any time a problem came up, we had to hear I've been teaching 17 years blah blah blah. She was not willing to try anything new, you could tell she was worn out. I found out later she had been trying to get out of Kindergarten for several years. Now I am not putting down older teachers, in 1st grade she had another older teacher & she was wonderful. She actually had the same teacher that my hubby had when he was in first grade. Crazy huh! Anyways, I just like younger teachers, lol.

She did have trouble finding her class. I'm not really sure how since it is 2 doors down from her old class & we just went to the school Wednesday? A mom ended up helping her, so that was nice. Aly was planning on walking her, but they got separated, which is probably what got Cam confused.

Overall it went great. Aly already had homework. She had to find 4 things that would fit in a paper bag & tell something about her. She put in ballet shoes for her love of dance, a cd for her love of music, a water ball ( she wanted goggles but couldn't find them) for her love of swimming & summer and then her heely wheels to represent roller skating & bike riding outside. She was having trouble remembering what to say, so I took some Karen Foster tags & tied them on each item & wrote a short sentence about why to help prompt her along. Yeah I use for all my unused scrapbook supplies, lol. I really have to do some pages this month.

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