Tuesday, September 4, 2007

School Year Resolutions

Remember my post earlier about making School Resolutions? Well here is my rough draft ...

1. Stay organized when dealing with the kids school paperwork, etc.

2. Keep a study/homework available to them at all times.

3. Have more patience when working on homework with my oldest daughter.

4. Keep a shared journal with each of them
*which I still need to make & fast*

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Kelly - PTT said...

This is AWESOME! And I love the shared journal idea. I seriously need to consider doing that one.

This is really excellent. Thanks so much for sharing your resolutions, and be sure to leave your link on my Thursday post.

Thank you!

Faerie Rebecca said...

Can you explain what a shared journal is? I'm not quite getting that!

Mert said...

Great tips! Staying organized... this is a challenge for most moms I know including myself.

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