Monday, October 15, 2007

40 before 40

I'm a week late on this fun list that the green 3 came up with but I still wanted to play. The idea is to make a list of 40 things you want to do before you are 40. First I have to think of where I will be at that time. In February it will be 10 years to 40, so I have approx 10 years 4 months to do these. {Did you notice how I still avoided typing the age I will be in Feb?} If all goes well, lol. I will have been married 20.5 years, my oldest daughter will have just turned 20 & my youngest daughter will be 16. {crazy} Ok here is my list, in no real order, just off the top of my head. Except the last one, that was my first one I listed :)

1. Take the girls on a fun vacation
2. Go on vacation with just hubby
3. Scrapbooks caught up for the kids
4. Exercise, staying fit
5. College fund in place
6. Start retirement savings
7. Reduce our clutter
8. Learn to cook some meals
9. Get a beach pass & use it
10. Learn to stress less
11. Make the most of the time I spend with the girls
12. Volunteer at the school as mush as I can
13. Raise my girls with morals, respect & manners
14. Read - I don't have a specific goal for this, I just love reading & felt like it should be listed
15. Actually use the pool in the summer
16. Buy a new car & have it paid off
17. Help with hubby's business
18. Take a photography class
19. Get my family history written down
20. Visit another country
21. Take Cam to see an elephant (she missed them at the Detroit zoo & has been so upset)
22. Get out of debt
23. Watch Aly graduate high school, even better with honors
24. Get a good hair cut at a real Salon
25. Hit all the casinos in Detroit (i'm not a gambler, but would love to see them)
26. Learn to sew (nice thing to know especially w/ all the dance costumes)
27. Finally get organized, some kind of system in place
28. Take girls to Cedar point
29. Take the girls to Disney World
30. Grow my ebay business
31. Decide if we should move out of state & do what we decide
32. Open a checking account at a local bank just to have (we bank online)
33. Volunteer for a charity
34. Do something adventuress, like jump out of a plane, go up in hot air balloon, etc
35. go to a comedy club
36. Become a better writer
37. Raise happy girls
38. Eat healthier
39. Actually look back on this list & work on it
40. Saved the most important for last, BUY A HOUSE!

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