Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Well today was is a busy day. I help out in my 1st grader's class once a month & today was the day. It goes from 9:30 - 11. Of course today was the day she also had a dentist apt at 10:45 at an office about 45 minutes away. Isn't that how it always goes? I had been waiting a month & half for this apt too. Luckily it worked out & my group of kids was done by 10 & so was Cam. We headed off to the dentist & it was a really nice office. Flat screen tv w/ Nick Jr on, 2 different video games for the kids, plus a couple books. Remember when it used to be just books or a big old small tv with the soaps on, lol. It was this gorgeous blue color textured wall paper & then 2 walls were done in fish wall paper. Very nice!

We were late, took way longer then the 28 min that mapquest told me. We got in pretty quickly though & it went great. She had a cleaning at the end of August & the dentist had me freaking out. He told me she needed work done on 8 of her top teeth & would probably need to be sedated. This office said not that bad at all. She does need 3 apts though. And her work is on some teeth on the bottom & top. The problem is when she was 9 months old she fell into a wooden step stool & chipped her new front teeth. Then she ended up getting cavities right away in them. I think a combo of juice in the sippy cup & the chips. She had them filled twice & both times the filling fell out. The third time the dentist just sanded them some & left them. It always looks like she has food in her teeth & she hates it. We have been hoping they'd fall out sooner then later. I guess she still has a lot of root there & they this new children's dentist said it could be a year or longer. She just lost her first bottom tooth on Oct 2nd. He just said it could go quickly or it could go slow. I guess the issue with pulling it is, yeah she will look like everyone else, but it may take an extra year to grow the permanent tooth back in. I guess with pulling, it delays the process of the adult teeth coming down. He said since she does need some minor work done on the back teeth that we will wait to decide after that.

I actually have quite a wait too, the next apt is JANUARY 29th. Crazy huh? Hopefully that means this office is good. It is in a nice area of town & it seemed very nice.

Then I dropped her back to school & of course she missed lunch. I ended up taking her to the lunch room & staying with her. I was kind of irritated, the noon aide put her at the very end of a crowded table, so I had to kneel down next to her the entire time. Plus she was by some 2nd grade boys & was uncomforable. I don' think I ever seen her eat so quickly, lol.

Ok the bus just pulled up, off to feed & head on out to dance for 3 hours!!!

Busy busy busy

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