Thursday, October 4, 2007

My baby lost her first tooth!

My little darling lost her very first tooth on Tuesday! It became very wiggly over the weekend, and she really wanted to lose it in school. I kept hoping she'd come home on Monday with it gone, but she didn't. I was starting to get scared because it was SO lose. She ended up coming home on Tuesday with it gone! She lost it right after getting to school, she said she pushed it back & all of a sudden it was on her tongue, lol. The kids love losing them in school because they get a sticker & a treasure box from the office. Cute how little things like a special trip to the office makes their days isn't it? She had been getting so bummed because most of her friends started losing teeth in kindergarten. Now if we just start losing her upper teeth. She cracked her upper tooth when she was 9 months old. Then got cavities in her top her two teeth. The dentist tried fixing them, but the fillings kept falling out. He said to just leave it & wait for them to fall out. Well we just switched dentists in August & he said no way, that is totally wrong! She is going to a children's dentist next week, she might need to be put to sleep & have almost the entire top section of her mouth worked on. I was hoping she'd lose them on her own, but she might be getting a head start. If that happens, the tooth fairy will need to come up with lots of loot for those special teeth, lol.

In the picture you can see, the missing bottom tooth & it looks like a matching missing tooth. That is from her cracking it as a baby.

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