Thursday, October 4, 2007

Zootles & Zoo Books, Wolves - Animal of the Month

My kids love getting Zoobooks & I just found out that they now have Zootles. It is for kids ages 2 - 6.

Just like Zoobooks, Zootles is full of animal fun. And Zootles is written to be shared with young children: pre-readers and beginning readers.

Zootles Magazine for Kids 2-6

Each new issue delivers:

• A featured letter, phonetic sound, number, color or similar educational focus... concepts to encourage young scholars

• A wonderfully illustrated animal story for bedtime, story time or anytime

• Fun backyard games and challenges for beginning scientists

• Hidden pictures, mazes and activities to captivate little problem solvers

• Otto and Allie, a curious cartoon otter and his funny hedgehog sidekick



People love the friendliness and loyalty of their dogs. Every single dog in the world is descended from wolves that were tamed in the Middle East about 12,000 years ago. In those ancient times, wolves probably became dependent on the scraps left by wandering bands of human hunters. People soon realized that wolves could lead them to prey and warn them whenever danger was near.
How they hunt.
When a wolf pack hunts, its members work together as a team. Together they can bring down large animals that a single wolf could not bring down alone.To protect themselves, they prefer to attack prey that has been weakened by sickness, or is bogged down in heavy snow.
What they eat.
Where wolves are concerned, the larger the prey, the better. A wolf's first choice in a meal would be a moose, elk, deer, or mountain goat. When larger prey is scarce, they will attack beavers, rabbits, and squirrels.
Where do they live?
Wolves are very adaptable animals. They are found in grasslands, forests, swamps, and the frozen areas of the far north. A few even live in the desert. Their range includes North America, Europe, and Asia.
Yellow light. During the last 300 years, hunters and farmers and others have killed millions of wolves. Until recently, except in Alaska, there were very few wolves left in the United States. Today wolves are being reintroduced to Yellowstone National Park, which is part of their former range.

Zoobooks Magazine

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