Thursday, November 8, 2007

1st Molar is gone

Aly lost her first molar the other day. Sometime in the middle of Monday night, she wakes me up screaming she lost her tooth & can't sleep. I was like, Ugh quit waking me up & I rolled over & went back to bed, lol. In the morning she was so excited. She told me she was wiggling it & it fell out. At first she thought it was a dream & then ran to the bathroom to check. Funny! She ended up taking the tooth to school so that she could get a treasure box. Told me she meant for it to fall out at school, lol. Of course she put her tooth out & the next morning woke me crying because the tooth fairy didn't come. Yes that dang tooth fairy! So while in the bathroom the wonderful Mom, yep that is me, goes & checks her bad & magically find $3 mixed in with her sheets. Silly girl, didn't she know that she tosses & turns so much the money got all mixed up in her sheets. It was a bit harder explaining why the tooth was still in her pillow. Hmm could it be because her room is so messy the tooth fairy had to just toss the cash? Then she wanted to take the tooth to school so the tooth fairy couldn't change her mind. I had to explain that the tooth fairy was on the other side of the world getting those kids teeth. How mean & I seriously am so totally against lying to my kids. UGH!!! The stresses of being a parent.

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