Friday, November 9, 2007


Today was my day to help out with the school bagel sales. They had a yummy looking chocolate chip bagel, but I knew they sold out first so didn't try it. Smelled good though. My 1st graders class always misses out on the chocolate chip ones, so this week I held one aside for her. She was super happy. Then I felt bad for the rest of her class because they were surrounding her looking at her chocolate chip one, lol. A few weeks ago someone took her bagel, so hopefully she gets to eat this one :)

My 5th grader is allowed to go buy her bagel before school even starts, maybe next week I will make her take my 1st grader. She isn't a big bagel eater & usually brings it home to me. If she likes the chocolate chip one then that would be great. I was surprised she didn't like eating the cinnamon sugar one.

Today I'm trying to get some ebay stuff taken care of & then packing for the Tremaine convention. Fun!

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