Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Book Sharing

NoBloPoMo - Day 6

I am an avid reader. I usually get my books from the library, but there are times when I like to own a book. I also will pick up books at garage sales, library sales, etc for a great price. I really enjoy all the book sites for sharing. You basically list what books you have that you are willing to send & then you get a credit to get a book you want. I am pretty picky about what I want, since it technically is costing a few dollars of shipping to get the credit. I tend to get books for my kids, since I usually keep children's books. Here are the three sites that I use:

Bookmooch is the newest site that i have started using. You get 1/10 of a point for every book that you list. Then points for when you send books, etc. I have just mailed my first book on there & I haven't requested any yet. Here is a glimpse at the point summary:

Points summary:

Add a book to inventory+ 1/10th
Give away book (within your country)+ 1
Give away book (to another country)+ 3
Mooch a book (within your country)- 1
Mooch a book (from another country)- 2
Acknowledge receiving a book you mooched+ 1/10th

Titletrader, I have been using for awhile & I do enjoy it. I have had some problems on this one though. I had a couple books not arrive for me & then I received a couple bad feedbacks for people claiming they didn't receive the books/items I sent. This site kind of reminds me of yahoo auctions vs. ebay auctions. The one thing I do really like of Titletrader is you can actually post anything. They have categories for books, movies, games & then a misc that can have anything in it.

Now my favorite & the one I have been using the longest is Paperbackswap. You get credits for posting your first books, plus earn credits after sending out a book. They have a huge selection of books to choose from & tons of member features. The basic features are free & then they do have subscription available. You also get points if you refer someone & they post 10 books.

Hope to see you around & if you join or already a member feel free to add me to your buddy list!

All 3 sites have free plans. I haven't paid for any of the book trading sites.

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