Sunday, November 25, 2007

Dance & Angelina Ballerina DVD Giveaway

How could I not enter this contest by Crazy Hip Mamma's for an Angelina Ballerina DVD giveaway, all we have to do is write about dance! (or mice, lol)

I'm sure if you have read my blog, you know my girls are very active in Dance. My 10 year old has been dancing for 7 years now. She takes ballet, lyrical, tap, jazz, hip-hop, pom, musical theater. She sometimes take praise & she used to take acrobats. She also does Jazz Competition & her hip-hop class is competition.

My 6 year old is on her 4th year of dance. She takes ballet, tap, jazz, pom & musical theater. She also used to take acrobats (not offered at the dance studio we are at now).

My girls just love dance & spend most of their free time dancing around the house, the yard even at recess. We have found that dance provides so much more then just learning to dance. It teaches respect, teamwork, a sense of the arts, friendships, athleticism, confidence, self respect and so much more.

I can't recommend signing up your kids for some kind of dance class at some point in their life. Even if it just once session, hopefully more.

Dance can be expensive, but we have found it worth the expensive. If cost is an issue, call around to all the dance studios around you. Check out what your town/city offers. A lot of times they offer a X week session for so much & it is usually really affordable.

You can buy dance clothing & even shoes used. Most dance studios sell used shoes. I have also purchased on ebay & even found at thrift stores. I have also bought great lots of leotards, skirts, tights & shoes on ebay. There are also several great online catalogs with excellent deals. You can also find new items at stores like Target, Walmart, Meijer, Kmart, JC Penney, Kohl's & even Payless sells shoes.

Before buying anything, check with your studio on if they have any requirements. A lot of studios prefer a certain color shoes & some even prefer certain color leotards & tights. I myself have found good deals on shoes in the wrong color & just had the girls use for class & not recital. Most of the time they seem to have a growth spurt right after Christmas anyway.

Also, check out summer programs. Sometimes you can find free dance camps during the summer. You can always find lower costing classes & camps throughout the summer as well. The dance studios usually discount for the summer since there is no recital, etc.

You can also opt out of the recital to save money. I think the recital is the highlight of the year for parents, but the classes are more important if that is all you can do financially.

Recital pictures are expensive. You can opt out of them. I usually do them at home or go somewhere cheap like the studio at Walmart. I have also went to Penney's with the $3.99 sheet deal.

This is written for Crazy Hip Blog Mammas Angelina Ballerina DVD giveaway.

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