Thursday, November 1, 2007


NoBloPoMo - Day 1

Yesterday was the kids school parade. So I leave early because I wanted to get a parking spot. I bring my book to read & then a book to return to the library. I decide to take the book back first. I return my book, drop off a bunch of paper to be recycled & then head over to the school. Get an awesome parking spot because most parents weren't bothering looking & just parking on the main road & pull out my book to read. What do you know it is the book I just finished, UGH! I call the library & they already returned my stinkin book & won't give it back to me. When I got home I requested it again, hopefully it comes quicker this time.

I cannot believe I did that, well I can but still. Of course my kids flipped that I also lost a bookmark, lol. I think it was just a cheap one from the library, I hope at least!

I was reading What is a Ghoul to do by Victoria Laurie & I just finished Frill Kill by Laura Childs. I guess it is time to read some of the non-fiction I checked out or some of my mags that are piling up.

1 comment:

Mama Zen said...

That totally sounds like something that I would do!

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