Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Man angry with son-in-law fingers him as terrorist to FBI

STOCKHOLM (AFP) - A man in Sweden who was angry with his daughter's husband has been charged with libel for telling the FBI that the son-in-law had links to al-Qaeda, Swedish media reported on Friday.

The man, who admitted sending the email, said he did not think the US authorities would stupid enough to believe him.

The 40-year-old son-in-law and his wife were in the process of divorcing when the husband had to travel to the United States for business.

The wife didn't want him to travel since she was sick and wanted him to help care for their children, regional daily Sydsvenska Dagbladet said without disclosing the couple's names.

When the husband refused to stay home, his father-in-law wrote an email to the FBI saying the son-in-law had links to al-Qaeda in Sweden and that he was travelling to the US to meet his contacts.

He provided information on the flight number and date of arrival in the US.

The son-in-law was arrested upon landing in Florida. He was placed in handcuffs, interrogated and placed in a cell for 11 hours before being put on a flight back to Europe, the paper said.

This has been something my mom has been talking about for years. How easy it is to get people into trouble when angry, etc. I know there is a long history of this, think the Salem Witch Trials, but it still makes me angry. It gives me flashbacks to just over a year ago when we had problems with my husbands family. For reasons that nobody really knows, my MIL decided to get mad at us. She has a history of medical issues, so you never really know what goes on in her head. Well she got all riled up when she got low on her drug of choice Fioricet & decided to run to the police with accusations on hubby & I. We were being accused of felony charges & of course the cops wanted to believe the old sick mommy. If you have ever tried to prove your innocence then you know just how hard it is. It is easy to prove guilt with evidence, but to try & come up with evidence of telling the truth is very hard. I got a big taste of the way the legal system works & I had a new understanding for some of the people that are being held hostage, interrogated, etc. I do hope something comes of the charges brought on to the Father in law. I wasn't able to on my MIL, but if I could have I would. What she did was some of the most horrible things you could do to anther person.

If you ever get a feeling that you should lie to the cops or child welfare, etc against someone you don't like, please re-think it. It doesn't just effect the person that you are accusing. My kids are still having problems from what my MIL did to us. They are scared to death of the police now, my oldest has nightmares that the FBI are coming to take her parents away. Since my MIL is epileptic, my oldest is even afraid to be around people with seizures because she thinks they will turn mean like the way her grandma did. It is a huge shame!

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