Monday, November 12, 2007


We left a little later then planned on Saturday but we arrived with plenty of time. The classes started at 8:30. We got our schedule about 15 minutes before that. They offered lots of jazz. There were 3 classes each day in Jazz & 1 each day in Tap. Plus on Saturday they had Hip/Hop & then Ballet.

It was a very long day. It was hard because no food was offered, no drinks, etc. We weren't able to get our hotel until after 3pm & when we got into the hotel there was no fridge, no microwave. For the Hyatt it sucked to be honest. Yes it was very nice, but they offer you no nothing for the outrageous prices!

Aly enjoyed the classes. She didn't take the tap one either day. Her favorite was Hip/Hop. The girls enjoyed the male teacher, the girls all thought he was cute :) Plus he taught real hip hop with all the sound effects, etc. She has an awesome hip-hop teacher but she teaches like a dance teacher. It was fun seeing it a different way.

On Saturday they also held the competition. We weren't competing at this one, so we went to watch. We didn't stay through the entire thing, the girls were tired. I really wanted to watch it all & see the awards, but oh well.

Some cute numbers, some very trashy numbers, oh my! I couldn't believe how many little 7 - 10 year olds wore those tiny tops & booty shorts. Of course, mine was mad at me for not letting her. Most of the competition numbers wore little bikini outfits. Couldn't tell if they had on costumes or lingerie. I expect that with the older ones, but was surprised at the girls under 10 like that.

All in all the girls really enjoyed themselves & are talking about going back next year :)

See some pictures here & here.

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